Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cheap Party Pinata

Parties are fun, but generally not cost-efficient. However, with a few money-saving tips, parties can be fun for your friends and your pocketbook. Homemade decorations, games, and food are a great place to start. There are many online resources for themes. One of my favorite is www.familyfun.go.com. Directed to children’s parties, this website gives reader-friendly instructions for games, costumes, invitations, cakes, and party favors. If you are looking for great themes, it is a great place to start.
A classic party game is piñata breaking. In the grocery story, a piñata may cost $10 or more. However, making a homemade piñata can cost $5 or less. Supplies include a balloon, flour, water, newspaper, and paint.
It is wise to start making a piñata at least a week before the party, so it has plenty of time to dry.
Blow up the balloon and tie a knot in the end. Cut several sheets of newspaper into 1 inch strips.
Mix ½ cup flour with 2 ½ cups flour on the stove over medium heat, stirring frequently until the mixture begins to boil. Continue to boil for three more minutes, stirring constantly. Mixture should be thick.
When mixture is cool enough to handle, dip newspaper into mixture, and press newspaper flat against balloon. Repeat until the entire balloon is covered with newspaper. Allow the balloon to dry a day or so. Repeat entire process, adding a second layer of newspaper to the balloon and allow to dry. After that layer is dry, apply another layer. Repeat process until balloon is covered in four or five layers of newspaper. Paint piñata a design of your choice.
Pop the balloon. Fill the hollow piñata with candy.
Involving the entire family in making a piñata can create an opportunity for great bonding time as well.

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